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Lift stations are becoming more common as technology is advancing and building lots are getting smaller and smaller. Although most lift stations use what is known as a "grinder pump" to grind and force the sewage into the sewer main there are always materials and objects that unfortunately somehow make it into these lift stations that can't be ground up and pumped out with the rest of the sewage. Along with these materials there is the problem of grease which floats on top of the liquid and does not get pumped out by these pumps that causes many problems.
While the grease builds up on the sidewalls and float switches and creates a crusty layer on top of the liquids, there is always heavy sludge that settles below the pumps. Ever heard of a sewage overflow? Many of these overflows are caused by lift stations experiencing pump failure. Pump failure can be prevented in most cases with a proper maintenance program in which we vacuum all of the sludges, greases, and objects out as well as making sure that the float switches are clean and functioning properly and that all alarms are in working order. Call Mike Haack Excavating Inc. today. (305) 872-8945