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septic services

Mike Haack Excavating Inc. has installed hundreds of septic systems throughout The Florida Keys.

In fact, Mike actually worked for a company installing septic systems before going into business on his own back in 1984.

With over 30 years of local septic system experience, we are your #1 choice when it comes to onsite wastewater needs in The Florida Keys.

Over the years the systems have evolved and advanced with new technologies and state mandated rules in order to protect our precious waters, and that brings us to the systems that we install today known as Performance Based Treatment Systems.

All new construction homes and businesses in The Florida Keys and Monroe County are mandated to install one of these systems in areas where central sewer is not available.

Although we recommend the Bio-Microbics FAST system, we do install the Norweco Singulair system as well.

Whether you are in the planning stages of building a new home or dwelling and have any questions regarding the engineering and possible designs of your system, or already have your dream home in paradise constructed and are ready for the installation of your already permitted and engineered system call Mike Haack Excavating Inc. today.

With one call we can take you through the entire process of engineering, permitting, and installation.

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