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Drain Cleaning Services

Hydro-Jetting is a process that uses High Pressure Water to clear blockages in plumbing lines. Barring the possibility of a collapsed pipe, hydro-jetting in most cases will clear the blockage and immediately allow the line to begin flowing freely once again.

Our Hydro-Jetting Machines have heavy duty power nozzles attached to small diameter high pressure rated hoses and operate at 4,000 psi. The hydro-jetting process will destroy the most stubborn line blockages and clean the entire diameter of the pipe unlike a conventional plumbing snake. This process should be a regular maintenance routine for restaurants and food service facilities who are subject to grease and oil by-product accumulations.

All of our vacuum trucks are self contained and carry their own supply of water and are equipped with hydro-jetting systems. We also have portable units.

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