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Mike Haack Excavating Inc. goes above and beyond standard grease trap cleaning services. We are equipped and staffed to handle all of your grease removal needs. Whether you have a 10 gallon grease trap located inside or a 10,000 gallon grease interceptor outside of your business our highly trained technicians will properly remove all FOGs (fats, oils, greases), inspect your system for any warning signs, and suggest appropriate service frequencies to keep your entire grease system running smoothly and in compliance with city/county ordinances. Unlike many grease trap service providers who use a technique called “skimming” to remove only the visible grease from the upper level of the tank, we clean and remove 100% of the content. By hiring Mike Haack Excavating Inc. as your grease trap service provider you can rest assured knowing that all of your waste will be safely transported as well as properly manifested and disposed of legally at a state permitted disposal facility.

All of our vacuum trucks carry fresh water and are equipped with pressure washing systems and hydro-jetting systems. What does this mean to you as a paying customer? When we arrive to service your grease trap in the event of an emergency, we are already equipped with the equipment necessary to clear any grease build up or blockages in your incoming and outgoing lines as well as your inlet and outlet baffles without having to further delay your kitchens operations by waiting for another service vehicle to arrive and saving you money by not having to charge for additional travel time. Your grease trap area will always be left as clean as it was before our services were provided, and in most cases it will be left cleaner!

We offer several types of Grease Trap Service Programs. We understand the stress and responsibilities that come along with running a business and with the proper maintenance program we can virtually eliminate any grease trap related problems and compliance issues.

Our contracted customers not only benefit from peace of mind but also receive discounted rates and other complimentary services such as hydro-jetting of the incoming and outgoing lines.

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